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The new, short PHILIPP Compact anchor - the more flexible all-rounder

Lifting anchors with a distinctive footer area are universally applicable and therefore very popular in the precast industry. The installation is simple and the reinforcement requirements are the lowest compared to other lifting anchors with the same application.
Short anchor, minimal requirements

Until now, there was no optimal solution for massive slab-like elements that could convince with this simplicity. With the new, short Compact anchor in sizes RD36, 42 and 52 a “strong” solution is now available on the one hand.  On the other hand, significantly smaller edge and centre distances create a flexibility in the planning of lifting anchors that is unique in the sector. This unprecedented freedom for lifting anchors as well as the noticeable saving of material resources and costs due to lower component thicknesses are unbeatable arguments for the new all-rounder.
Of course, the short Compact anchor fits seamlessly into the tried and tested PHILIPP Threaded transport anchor system with all combination options for lifting devices and accessories.   
Compact anchor in short version at a glance:

  • Threaded transport anchor type RD36, 42 and 52
  • Application in slab-like precast concrete elements of all kinds 
  • Lowest requirements for edge and centre distances
  • Significantly more flexibility in the planning of lifting anchors
  • Thinner elements possible, thus considerable savings potential is available
  • Equivalent supplement to the PHILIPP Screw anchor (RD12-RD30)


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