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FIT FOR 2025


As part of our future program "FIT FOR 2025", our training coordinators will be intensively prepared for their future tasks! 

For this we could win Mrs. Iris Irbah, owner of the academy for Business-Emotions-Coaching!

She helps each individual person to progress personally and in terms of content and thus to pave the way for a continued successful future for our company. Her Mission: Understanding, Embracing and Mastering Emotions I from Impathy to Empathy

Business is highly emotional and especially the work as a leader and trainer only really works well if you know your own emotions and can regulate them as needed. When we know what is going on inside us, we can deal with ourselves much better and also communicate it to the people around us.


Consciously communicating a feeling as well is not only healthy, but also ensures transparency in with each other.