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PHILIPP Guidelines
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PHILIPPGROUP is following the regulations and certification according to EN ISO 9001. The aim of this system is to ensure the ability to provide products that always meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

Furthermore, legal and official requirements form the higher framework we have to follow for the fulfilment of our customer orders.

Corporate Mission

  • Customers satisfaction comes in first place - top service and products tailored to our customers’ needs
  • Solution-orientated communication - talking directly to each other and less about each other - taking responsibility not just talking about it.
  • Economical working - actively implementing targets
  • Management ratios - use for the right decisions
  • Task processing - binding implementation of measures and reporting of results
  • Discipline - in order to achieve our common company targets
  • Identify trends - develop and market new products
  • Courage for renewal - is it right just because we have always done so?

Quality guidelines

  • Permanent improvement of flexibility and quality of all processes and products
  • Understanding and realizing customer requirements precisely
  • Implementing customer orders exactly
  • Early identifying of bad quality
  • Always report errors and correct them sustainably.
  • Complaint management is the employee’s responsibility

Safety and environmental protection

  • General operational safety and employment protection is binding for all employees
  • Identify and report risks to occupational safety and environmental protection at an early stage
  • Avoidance of dangers for humans and the environment

Social engagement

  • “People in focus” - this philosophy does not only apply for customers, employees and partners at PHILIPPGROUP, but also includes people who need support
  • Our cooperation follows a give-and-take basis that should always be in balance